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Privacy Policy

These four principles about your privacy rights guide everything we do at Keepsafe.


We don't look at your personal data.

Protecting your privacy is the whole point of Keepsafe. Unless you ask us to, we don't look at your photos, videos, passwords or anything else on your device.


We look at data to improve ourselves.

We collect data in order to understand you better, keep our app running and improve your experience. If we share your personal data with partners and affiliates, they can use it only for those purposes.


We safeguard your identity.

We are careful to show you ads only from trusted companies, and we keep your identity anonymous when talking with them. These ads are not displayed for Premium customers, and help support our free version of Keepsafe.


We only reveal your data for legal or safety issues.

We view or share your personal data only if we're required by law, or if we have concerns about potential violations to our Terms of Service or Privacy Policy.

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